Our Vision

Abmnus Vision

Deliver the best integrated Wireless communication solutions, offering the most up-to date prepaid cellular solutions at the best value possible, driven by exceptional customer service.

Everything you need under one roof.

Constantly exceed customer expectations and deliver memorable, ever-lasting experiences.

Don’t make a sale. Build a relationship.

Abmnus’s goal to make your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality.

The key factors in the success of Abmnus are:

      Customer loyalty, bring repeat sales

      Location planning & business development

   Sales centric customer support & services

   Modern, up-to date Reporting systems & Portal

    –  Customer loyalty, bring repeat sales

    —  Location planning & business development

   –  Sales centric customer support & services

   – Modern, up-to date Reporting systems & Portal

From marketing support, competitive pricing, fast and efficient shipping, accurate and timely commission payouts, instant
spiff portal, rest assured Abmnus got you covered.

We believe in the four Cs

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ABMNUS is a Total by Verizon, simple mobile and Tracfone wireless master agent. Move to the nation’s largest, most dependable network at a price you wouldn’t expect. Total by Verizon makes it easier with no contracts and no surprise overage charges, making it easier to know exactly what you’re getting at signup — and all plans come with unlimited talk and text. Make the move and join America’s largest most dependable network.

More ways to shop: Visit online store Abmnus Store, or call 1-877-275-7778 to place an order or schedule a visit.


2660 Park Ave  Bronx, NY 10451
Phone: +1  877.275.7778     
Fax: 718.401.4625

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